Stu(art) Eadie has been carving his way in the photography and video world for a few years now. Stu grew up shooting random skateboard videos with friends and making year end montages showing the fun and adventures with friends throughout each year. After pursuing a career in healthcare for more than eight years he used his clothing company and photography as a creative outlet. As he dives deeper into the world of visuals, he continues to use this medium as a stepping stone to create a lifestyle that suits his love for travel, creating strong content, and constantly connecting with people on a deeper level than simple surface conversation. Once and a while he likes to get in front of the lens to learn and observe photography from the perspective of the subject. Stu prides himself on his positive outlook on life, strong work ethic, and desire to constantly grow and create.  


Only the Boring get Bored


Rejection is Better Than Regret