Stu(art) Eadie is a photographer, videographer, content creator and an all around pretty decent human being living in Guelph, Ontario. His goal is to travel the world, using the art of creating meaningful visuals as the catalyst. He believes in positivity, hard work, and keeping an open mind. His interests include music, writing, photography, video, skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, delicious coffee, craft beer, scotchy scotch scotch, dogs (no cats) , outdoors, laughing until he cries, travelling, storytelling, and meeting new people along the way.  Leatherbound books and smelling of rich mahogany are of upmost importance in this man's life. 



The world of creating art through the lens has single handedly changed my perspective on life. It's changed how I look at architecture, people, light, and the world around me. It's slowed me down and made me take the time to appreciate things on an entirely different level. It's allowed me to meet and talk with people I never would have had the opportunity to interact with. It's continuously pushing me to learn, grow, and stay hungry. I am constantly learning from each project I take on. Finally, it's taught me this - the more you create the better you become. 


There's nothing wrong with a Monday to friday work mentality - i've done it most of my life. BUT over the past few years i've discovered it doesn't suit my lifestyle.

When you truly love what you do, you're ok working late on a friday or going to bed early so you can shoot at sunrise. Days blend together and there is no week or weekend - simply time to get things done. i am constantly evolving and changing in order to find that perfect balance between work and play.  My goal is to create a lifestyle where I can work anywhere in the world that allows me flexibility, working on my own terms, and above all doing something I love. If I can continue to work toward that, I'm a happy man. 


It may sound clich√© but life is way too short to do things you don't love. We live in the most opportunistic time imaginable and a lot of people are wasting their lives complaining, comparing themselves to others, and blaming their issues on other people. If you don't like the way things are. Change it. It really is that simple. 

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Start with gratitude. If you're not happy where you are now, you'll never be happy somewhere else. The "If I have ____, then I'll be happy" mentality needs to stop. You need to be happy with what you have now and enjoy the journey. When you're grateful for what you have at this moment, everything else will fall into place.